Mobil Oil Guam Inc. donates to Notre Dame High School’s Science Program

Mobil Oil Guam Inc. (Mobil) presented Notre Dame High School with a $2,000 donation on March 20, 2017.
Mobil’s contribution will provide additional funding for science and math materials and learning
resources that aligns Notre Dame’s curriculum with 21st Century learning and technology. Since 2009,
Mobil Oil Guam has donated funds to Notre Dame High School’s Math and Science program. Mobil’s
donation supports Notre Dame in its mission to “prepare students for college and lifelong learning that
encourages collaboration, instills leadership, promotes dedication to service, and inspires passion for
justice and peace in the spirit of Jesus Christ.” Mobil Oil Guam President Charles E. Ewart and
employees presented the donation to the school’s administration and student representatives.