Virtus et Scientia
NDHS is located in the beautiful, southern village of Talofofo, Guam. 


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Founded in 1968

Home of the Royals


(Watch the Royals Lipdub)

Over 4 Decades.  2,600+ Alumni.  Immeasurable Commitment.
  • Polly De Leon Guerrero Masga

    Notre Dame continues to develop individuals to become the best leaders in our community. Personally, Notre Dame has been instrumental in playing a strong role in both my personal and professional roles. With virtue and knowledge being the foundation of the school, the skills I developed both in the classroom and socially have groomed me to be a respectful and confident individual. The faculty, staff and student body have added a sense of fostering characteristic, which in turn, has molded me to who I am today. Current students and Alumni should maintain a humble heart and a strong sense of Royal pride today and always.  Mr. Vince Lombardi said it best when he said, "Leaders are not born, they're made." Those leaders are made at Notre Dame.
  • "Educator"

    Mary Esteban Taitano

    Class of 1986

    I am truly grateful that I have instilled the importance of Family, Love and Humility in the different jobs I have held and continue to hold, because of my upbringing and education. Notre Dame High School is one choice I thank God I made. My daughters Maria Taitano (class of 2009) and Josephine Taitano (class of 2012) also attended Notre Dame. The Class of 86 will always be my Family. While attending Notre Dame, I learned that prayer, being humble, respecting others, and giving of oneself was our mission in life and this was what we were being groomed to be or do. 
  • Muñeka Taisipic

    Class of 2015

    Muñeka Taisipic
    Class of 2015
    2016 Miss Universe Guam

  • KristiAnna Santos

    Class of 2000

    Notre Dame provided such a nurturing community where I felt comfortable voicing my opinions, sharing new ideas, and really developing my sense of identity. The faculty and students cultivated a spirit of support that I believe I carried with me throughout my post-secondary experiences.  There was a true sense of care that I experienced at ND and I strive to transmit this same sense of genuineness to my students. Years after leaving ND, I still feel the same support from the Royal community that I felt as a student-- and I believe that is one of the greatest gifts I've received from ND
  • Paulo Dela Cruz

    2016 Salutatorian

    "To our teachers and mentors who pushed us to our greatest potential. Thank you. To our fellow NDHS student body who have made our final days as Notre Dame students filled with laughter and happiness. Thank you. And most especially, we give a tremendous appreciation to our parents and guardians, who have loved and supported us unconditionally and devotedly. Thank you for letting us rest on your shoulders when the world was stacked upon ours." 
  • Theana Lynn Aromin

    2016 Valedictorian

    "Promise that you won’t forget. Don’t forget the memories we’ve made, the battles we’ve fought, but most importantly don’t forget where you came from and how you got to where you are sitting today. Never forget that while we have made ND great, ND has made us great in return."
  • Keith Sablan

    Class of 2005

    "Attending Notre Dame High School as a student and returning as a member of its amazing faculty has not only prepared me for college and medical school, but it has prepared me to be an integral, contributing member of society.  Notre Dame has encouraged and instilled in me the knowledge and background necessary to excel in school, share my talents, and serve others to the best of my ability.  I am extremely grateful and honored to call myself a member of the Notre Dame Family."

May God the Son be the way you walk, the truth you follow, and the life you lead.

~ Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger,

Foundress of the School Sisters of Notre Dame


Seniors Joshua Castro, Dylan Camacho, and Michael Perez won 1st place at the 5th Annual Harold Dean Gillham Bridge Design/Build Competition

Seniors Joshua Castro, Dylan Camacho, and Michael Perez (not pictured) won 1st place at the 5th Annual Harold Dean Gillham Bridge Design/Build Competition
held at the University of Guam on March 11, 2017.


Notre Dame High School, Inc. bases its philosophy on the twofold mission of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, which is to serve the Church in forming a Christian Community and to provide quality education that enables each person to reach the fullness of her/his potential.

The aim of the school within the context of the total curriculum is to assist each student in becoming an informed Christian who is aware of the gospel’s challenge to accept, develop, and integrate a faith-response into all facets of human life: spiritual, academic, social, cultural, and physical. This faith-response will be achieved upon the acceptance of their social responsibilities and willingness to share their talents.
The school offers a curriculum preparatory for college entrance, career choices and family living. Guidance and counseling are basic to the educational program.

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