Mission, Vision, and more...

Mission Statement
Notre Dame High School, Inc. is a Catholic Coeducational Secondary School established by the School Sisters of Notre Dame on Guam. The school prepares students not only for college, but also for lifelong learning by empowering the whole person. The school encourages collaboration, instills leadership, promotes dedication to service, and inspires passion for justice and peace in the spirit of Jesus Christ.

Vision Statement
A Notre Dame graduate is a person instilled with Gospel values, empowered academically and vocationally to be an active and transforming member of society.

Notre Dame High School, Inc. bases its philosophy on the twofold mission of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, which is to serve the Church in forming a Christian Community and to provide quality education that enables each person to reach the fullness of her/his potential.
The aim of the school within the context of the total curriculum is to assist each student in becoming an informed Christian who is aware of the gospel’s challenge to accept, develop, and integrate a faith-response into all facets of human life: spiritual, academic, social, cultural, and physical. This faith-response will be achieved upon the acceptance of their social responsibilities and willingness to share their talents.
The school offers a curriculum preparatory for college entrance, career choices and family living. Guidance and counseling are basic to the educational program.


Notre Dame High School, Inc., was founded by the School Sisters of Notre Dame.
The school is driven by the charism of the SSND foundress, Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger - to transform the world through education.


Notre Dame High School believes that the graduates should be competent in a variety of disciplines. The Integral Student Outcomes (ISOs) are the educational outcomes that the school hopes its students will achieve by the time they graduate. The ISOs set the direction
for the school’s educational and co-curricular programs. The outcomes are: Spiritual and Ethical Formation, Academic and Intellectual Formation, and Personal and Social Formation.

Notre Dame High School, Inc. is situated on approximately 30 acres of land in the southern village of Talofofo, Guam. The school, established in 1968, is owned and operated by the School Sisters of Notre Dame. Notre Dame High School is a college preparatory institution committed to educating the whole person. The school is comprised of twenty-eight air-conditioned classrooms. It includes a cafeteria, media resource center, library, and labs for biology and chemistry classes. Notre Dame became Guam’s first Catholic coeducational high school when young men were granted entrance in 1995. Notre Dame High School, Inc. is accredited by the Western Catholic Educational Association and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The Royal Alma Mater was composed by the talented Dorothy Perez (Harris) '77 and the late Louise Baza '77 in 1977.


Notre Dame High School is sponsored by the School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND), Central Pacific Province.  According to the SSND website, "Sponsorship is the mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between the congregation and an organization in which the SSND charism and educational vision are defining characteristics of the organization."

Notre Dame recognizes the importance of professionally qualified and dedicated teachers of good moral character. The administration values the service of teachers in areas regarding school policy, scheduling curriculum, student activities, professional growth, and evaluation. Notre Dame expects teachers to accept the school’s philosophy and to cooperate in the fulfillment of goals and objectives. Notre Dame believes parents are the primary educators of their children. The school will assist parents in the continued formation of their son's or daughter’s basic Christian values. By choosing Notre Dame High School, parents indicate that their goals for their children are similar to those of the school. Notre Dame solicits parent interest, support, and involvement in the school’s programs and activities.

In an effort to continually improve the lines of communication with parents, Notre Dame has embraced internet technology. Parents can easily access their child’s progress and development on www.teacherease.com. A private account code and password will be set up for the parent/guardian of each enrolled student. Once activated, the parent can view the student’s class schedule, grades for assignments, projects, tests/quizzes, announcements from teachers, and other important school information. Direct email communication with any of the teachers is also available on TeacherEase.